How To Survive A Cyber Attack

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  • Would want your customers losing trust in your company in a matter one one day?
  • Small to medium sized businesses are the main target, since most do not have sufficient defense protocols and policies in place.
  • CEO’s and Owner are confused as to what and how to defend against a cyber attack, let alone wanting to spend any money on such requirements.


Nicholas Toronto – Scottsdale, AZ

Access Estate & Torontos Travel Services.

“ did a vulnerability assessment of my business in Scottsdale, and gave me a written report on local and remote network weaknesses, policies and recommendations. Of course, I ignored their recommended security policy and plan. Thus, recently I was hacked and my Outlook database was completely compromised along with my local hosts.”

This is exactly what said I needed to secure asap.
I HIGHLY recommend them, especially for small to medium businesses.