During the Cold war we had thousands and thousands of inter-continental ballistic missiles with the potential power to destroy the world, and still do.

In today’s reality, on top of that, countries and nation states now have the potential power to cyber attack infrastructure and legacy networks that can take our power and logistics in one day.

Let’s review some common opinions in cyber security media..

  • The West’s biggest security weakness is in the old electronics and sensors that control processes in infrastructure and industry.

  • It’s not that hard to take an entire country’s internet offline — it has already happened at least twice.

  • Hackers used to be most interested in stealing your credit card data. Now they’re looking to hobble major infrastructure like ports, power grids, and cities.

  • “The problem people don’t realise is it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. You can take down a whole country. It can be done,” a source tells Business Insider.

What is your opinion on all of these “points”? Sure there have been a few major outages here and there, including one in North America that was caused by a cyber attack. But, logic would suggest that if other countries had the ability to really cause disruption, like taking down power plants, substations and grids, then why hasn’t it been done yet?

Why would bad actors wait?

Perhaps it’s political, or perhaps the capabilities are there but just potential weaponry, sort of like how nuclear weapons are. Waiting to be used in the appropriate way at the appropriate time, perhaps politically?

What are you thoughts?


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