Google has banned some Linux web browsers named Qutebrowser, Falkon, and Konqueror from accessing their services so that users were no longer able to use those browsers to access Google services.

Several users in Reddit claim that they are not able to login with Google services using those browsers.

It is unclear from when Google started blocking to access their services form the Qutebrowser, Falkon and Konqueror browsers.

Bleeping Computer able to confirm that there were not able to login with these browsers, “When attempting to do so, we were told to try a different browser as Konqueror or Falkon may not be secure.”

According to the Google support page, Google might stop sign-ins some browsers for the following reasons.

  • Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.
  • Have unsecure or unsupported extensions added.
  • Use automation testing frameworks.
  • Are embedded in a different application.

Some users said that by spoofing the user agent they able to login with the services.