Uncover hidden dynamics needed to make decisions in business or assessments

This is a great service for anyone looking to acquire intelligence on a person, business or entity. We primarily use open databases and some fee-based repositories, however, most computer savvy people can do this as well, but it is the level of time involved and how to navigate the data bases that is not worth most people’s time

We have been doing digital asset investigations for over 15 years, mostly for private businesses such as, private equity, real estate companies, brokers, hedge funds, etc.

Whom may benefit with this service?

  • Penetration testers looking for pre-exploit launch intelligence on a target business or entity.
  • Real estate investment firms, hedge funds, private equity looking for deep or cursory intel on real estate asset, investment, owner or corporate entity.
  • Real estate investors
  • Home-buyers
  • Business buyers
  • Law enforcement

What types of reports can we deliver?

This all depends on what exactly you are seeking, generally a lot of information can be obtained but is is more efficient to narrow dow to what is the 80/20 data you seek and why. This allows us to get better, more accurate intel that will help you in your goals for this data.