Department of Homeland Security issues warning for potential cyber security attack

Potential for major cyber attack on U.S. critical infrastructure now a real threat considering that Iran may retaliate with it’s cyber war force.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – The Department of Homeland Security issued a warning for a potential cyber security attack in light of growing tension with Iran.

But, should you worry about your safety online?

Heartland News found differing opinions, when we asked shoppers in Carbondale if they worry about a potential cyber-attack from Iran.

Yes, I’m very worried about it,” said Lou Conte, shopper.

“I’m not worried about it,” said Micheal Norris, shopper.

The Department of Homeland Security warns, Iran has the ability to cause damage to vital infrastructure.

One local IT specialist, James Mayer, said the target would be much bigger than your home computer.

Cyber security attack
Everything is networked today – a major cyber attack can cause major damages and losses.

“They might go after maybe large companies to steal credit card information, things like that. But really, I see this more of attack on the Unites States in general. So, I do think it will come down to more of infrastructure related stuff and certainly not the everyday person,” Mayer, CEO of Mayer Networks.

One man said, it seems cyber attacks can happen on any given day.

“It can be an average Joe sitting in his mom’s basement doing the same thing the rest of the country is trying to get us all worried about and it’s really not nothing more concerned then we already should have been about it,” Norris.

Mayer agrees with Norris.

“So, you know if they can do it, then why not trained professionals. So they could probably do it easier fast and certainly cheaper than actually get boots on the ground to go to war,” said Mayer.

Mayer said if you think you have been hacked, change your passwords and keep an eye on your credit card bill.

Good advice, said this shopper.

“I consider that we are going to have an attack somewhere, someway; physically or through AI intelligence, but I think we have to be prepared,” said Marilyn Feldmann.

For more information on most recent bulletin The Department of Homeland Security issued.