Cyber Minute with Lori Stroud

Interview Focus: How did you get your Cyber-Start?

Interviewing cyber security professionals to reveal streams that brought them to cyber security industry an interview project by InfoHacker.

These interview series will capture how cyber professionals came onto the cyber scene to highlight the variety of avenues and opportunities that enable participation in this dynamic field.

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Interviewee: Lori Stroud
Current role: Cyber Threat Analyst
Cyber Security Experience: 15 years
First Cyber role: U.S. Army, Intelligence Analyst 2003


Q: Describe the experience that introduced you to the cyber security field:

“I crashed into cyber security via the U.S. Army as a network intelligence analyst working for NSA. I had no clue about intelligence/data analysis -but the defense mission the Army was leading was extremely exciting and rewarding, so I was highly motivated to complete my training. The Army has several Cyber and Intelligence roles and serve as great opportunities to jump in to cyber.”


Q:  Share with us the challenges you face (or had faced) as a new cyber security professional:

“As a new cyber professional, I was overwhelmed by the amount and constant dynamics of information always at hand. New tools, new malware, moving targets, massive traffic- I never felt “on top of it” at first. This is normal. 🙂 Cyber is highly dynamic and accepting the fact that you will constantly be learning is a constant, and I grew to love it. It’s a mindset that keeps me sharp and involved in the community.”


Q: What advice would you offer those considering cyber security or currently trying to enter this field?

“Find a mentor. Connect with a person who is involved and can offer guidance in growing your cyber experience. Ask to help with projects, contribute to research, try and fail a lot. :)”

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